Greenwich Bay Animal Hospital

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Protected for Life Program

Free vaccines for the life of your pet!

For a one time enrollment fee your pet will receive core vaccines free of charge for life. Non-core vaccines given at our veterinarian’s recommendation will be discounted by 40%. The need for these vaccines will be determined by your pet’s lifestyle and risk factors.

Core Vaccines covered: 

Canine – Rabies, distemper combo, bordetella

Feline – Rabies, distemper combo

Non- core vaccines that may be recommended include lyme, leptospirosis, and K9 influenza for dogs. Feline leukemia is recommended for our outdoor cats.

Our commitment to you is to provide the best possible health care to your pet. Wellness exams once a year are invaluable in ensuring a healthy, happy pet. Vaccination can play a large role in maintaining your pet’s good health by protecting against dangerous diseases. We hope that providing core vaccines at no cost will help make the best possible health care more affordable.

Enrolled animals are required to have a wellness exam at least once a year at your expense. Pets that fail to meet this condition will be removed from the Protected for Life Program with the option to receive vaccines at full price or re-enroll. Wellness exams must be performed at Greenwich Bay Animal Hospital by one of our veterinarians. Exams done at other hospitals or sick visits do not satisfy program requirements.

Greenwich Bay Animal Hospital does provide e-mail and snail mail reminders for all vaccines. We also make phone calls for rabies vaccine and annual exam due dates. However it is the pet owner’s responsibility to know what their pet(s) need and when these services are due.

This program is not refundable for any reason. Enrollment CANNOT be transferred to any other animal. Enrollment CAN be transferred to a new owner in the event that a pet is re-homed. This program is only valid at Greenwich Bay Animal hospital.

Greenwich Bay Animal Hospital reserves the right to discontinue offering the Protected for Life Program at any time. This will not affect any pets enrolled in the program. They will continue to receive free protection for life.